Kid Works Creative Learning Centers

Kid Works Creative Learning Centers

Kid Works Creative Learning Centers is a regional leader in the provision of child care services and early childhood education.

Company Description

Kid Works Creative Learning Centers (the “Company” or “Kid Works”), headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio — with 4 locations throughout greater Cincinnati, is a regional leader in the provision of child care services and early childhood education. The Company provides its comprehensive child care services to infants, toddlers, preschool, prekindergarten (“pre-k”), and school age children.

Kid Works serves both government subsidized and private pay families — with the majority of enrollment attributed to the government subsidized demographic. As such, each of the Company’s 4 creative learning centers have successfully achieved the 5-Star Step-Up-To-Quality (“SUTQ”) rating — the highest possible rating given by the state of Ohio.

Buyer Description

Kid Works was acquired by BrightPath Early Learning (“BrightPath”), headquartered in Toronto, Canada — which is the North American division of Busy Bees, headquartered in London, England. Busy Bees is the largest childcare service provider in Ireland, Malaysia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. In total, Busy Bees operates nearly 700 child care centers across 9 countries, while BrightPath operates more than 150 child care centers across the United States and Canada.

Services Provided and Results

MelCap Partners served as the exclusive investment banker and financial advisor to Kid Works in the sale of the Company. We’d like to thank the shareholders, Dennis & Katja Creech for hiring MelCap Partners to represent the Company in this transaction. It was an honor and pleasure to work with the Company throughout this exciting process.

MelCap’s comprehensive sales and marketing process allowed for the successful identification and sale of the Company to the ideal and most logical buyer for the business: BrightPath / Busy Bees. Kid Works will serve as an instrumental part in Busy Bees’ strategy to grow and expand its child care presence throughout North America by acquiring market leaders in their respective geographies. Busy Bees intends to keep existing management at Kid Works in place, and grow the already exceptional Kid Works brand throughout the Great Lakes / Midwestern United States.

Client Quote

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