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Helping the Private Equity Industry Achieve Its Growth Goals

As a leading M&A advisory firm, MelCap Partners can support your private equity business with a wide range of services designed to grow your business portfolio. From conducting due diligence on a target company to helping you determine exit strategy for an existing investment, our expert team has the financial experience and knowledge to ensure success in your next transaction.

The team at MelCap Partners is pleased to have conducted and completed numerous private equity transactions across multiple segments. Our team has decades of experience in this industry and in the many industries that your private equity firm may specialize in, such as healthcare, industrials, and consumer goods.

In addition to our in-house capabilities, our partnership with Globalscope International M&A Advisors expands our services, knowledge, and relationships, allowing us to provide you with even greater exposure and opportunities for your private equity transaction. This innovative group features 55 M&A firms around the world in dozens of countries.

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We’ve completed transactions in a wide number of industries. Interested in learning more about our experience? Take a look at a few examples of our past transactions in your field of expertise.

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