A Winning Approach to Mergers & Acquisitions Support

MelCap Partners is proud to have won a number of industry awards from organizations such as M&A Advisor and many others. Each award represents the hard work and dedication of our expert team in securing the most favorable results for our clients, whether they come to us for buy-side support or sell-side support, or something else entirely. Each relationship we undertake is selectively chosen to ensure that we’re able to deliver meaningful, measurable results to the client, and these awards represent that focus and commitment to our clients’ success.

MelCap Partners Awards List


M&A Advisor, 2020

Consumer Discretionary Turnaround Deal of the Year.


M&A Advisor, 2019

Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year.

global 100 award

M&A Today, 2019

Global 100, Best Investment Banking Advisory of the Year.

Work with the Best in M&A

MelCap Partners takes great pride in developing only the best M&A advisory recommendations and providing the most reliable services for companies looking to take the next step for their business. If you’re looking for an M&A partner, we invite you to connect with our talented team.