Feasibility Assessment

Feasibility Study

Find the Path for Your Business’s Future With a Feasibility Assessment

Whether you’re looking to sell, buy, refinance, or investigate other strategic alternatives, the process can quickly become complex and exhausting. We understand that these processes are difficult, and that’s why we created our “MelPlan” service to help our clients make better informed business decisions.

With “MelPlan,” our clients are able to receive an introduction to MelCap Partners and our professionals. As a consultative service, “MelPlan” also builds confidence in the business’s ability to successfully complete their intended transaction.

“MelPlan” is a service that assists a company with a feasibility study of various M&A or financing alternatives. By doing this, the results of the feasibility study might provide a different solution or alternative that wasn’t initially considered. “MelPlan” builds on the relationship driven approach that our team brings to each deal.

At MelCap Partners, we believe investment banking is truly a persona service business. Want to hear more about how our “MelPlan” consultative service? Contact us and we’ll start the conversation.

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