MelCap and Globalscope International M&A Advisors: Partnered for a Truly Global Reach

Globalscope International M&A Advisors

Whether you’re planning to sell your business or thinking of making an acquisition to grow your company, selecting the right investment banker is the key to a successful transaction. MelCap Partners prides itself on its expertise in helping our clients with pre-sale planning, as well as finding the right company to buy at the right price.

One of the keys to providing exceptional service is having a wide-ranging network with extensive connections and knowledge to serve a variety of clients. That’s why MelCap is a proud partner in Globalscope International M&A Advisors.

What Is Globalscope International M&A Advisors?

For over 30 years, Globalscope has worked to assist clients with cross-border transactions. Their reach includes over 600 investment bankers across the globe, from California all the way to Beijing. They specialize in deals ranging from business growth to company reorganization, whether the deal is a sale, an acquisition, a divestment, a corporate restructuring, a licensing initiative or an international joint venture.

Why Global Reach Is Essential

Although MelCap operates from a deep well of experience and expertise, our partnership with Globalscope amplifies our reach to a global scale. This gives us access to investment bankers around the world. The Globalscope network includes experts with specific domain expertise, worldwide connections, and a huge database of buyers and sellers with geography that spans across the globe.

This gives us greater depth of knowledge and insight to help us optimize the price for our clients who wish to sell and retire, as well as seek out the best value for those who wish to expand their company through an acquisition.

Important Factors in a Sale or Acquisition

Working with a global network that has an extensive database of buyers and sellers gives us the ability to secure the best possible deal for our clients. It’s essential in helping us bring together a seller and the right kind of buyer for their company. In addition to working with sellers in different industries, the Globalscope network gives MelCap Partners access to a diverse group of strategic buyers and financial buyers. This is essential because the goals of a financial buyer who plans to grow and sell a company within a specific period of time will be different from those of a strategic buyer who is looking for a new product, service, or customer base to accentuate their current business and accelerate sales. The partnership with Globalscope International M&A Advisors allows MelCap to assist its buy-side customers in finding the ideal company that will perfectly align with all future goals and objectives. 

All of this applies whether the sale will move forward in the present moment or if more preparation is in order for the sale to take place at some point in the future. When you’re ready to sell (or buy), MelCap’s partnership with Globalscope International M&A Advisors will help ensure that the right company will be waiting on the other end of the deal.

By Al Melchiorre

Al founded MelCap Partners in 2000, and is responsible for managing all aspects of client engagements from proposal through closing, developing business, reviewing offering memorandums and financial models, negotiating purchase agreements, and interacting with buyers and investors.