Thayer Power & Communication Line Construction

Thayer Power & Communication Line Construction

Thayer Power And Communication Line Construction

Company Description

Thayer Power & Communication Line Construction Co., Inc., a Debtor-in-Possession, is a leading provider of utility line repair and construction services.  The Company is primarily engaged in the construction and repair of power and communication lines in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, and Kentucky.

Services Provided

MelCap Partners successfully represented Thayer, the Debtor, as the Company’s exclusive investment-banker and financial advisor through a  reorganization under §363 of the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Code.


Thayer was sold to The Anderson Group, LLC, a private equity firm with offices in the United States and China.

Client Quote

Providing the Services Business Owners Need for Over Two Decades

At MelCap Partners, our team of experienced industry professionals has a high amount of respect for business owners making pivotal decisions — whether they’re selling their business or expanding. We do our best to provide services that honor the work they’ve put into building their business from the ground up.

We know the big events concerning your business are hard, especially if family is involved, and that’s why our team is ready to help so you don’t have to go through the process alone. We’ll help you navigate any challenges that come your way so you can successfully meet your goals and objectives.

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