Reliable Experience and Reach in the Metals Industry

At MelCap Partners, our sector-specific experience in the metals industry gives us a robust framework to help you with your transaction. We take this experience and add it to what we learn about your transaction goals.

With extensive knowledge within the metals industry, including stamping, machining, fabrication, and foundries, our team has developed a strong network of professionals to help drive successful transactions.

As middle market investment bankers with nearly two decades of experience, we have the team and resources needed to handle nearly any transaction. Whenever needed, we can also call upon our partnership in Globalscope International M&A Advisors and its 50+ member firms across 42 countries to expand our scope.

Ready to see if our experience and personal touch is right for your goals in the metal industry? Contact us today.

We’ve completed transactions in a wide number of industries. Interested in learning more about our experience? Take a look at a few examples of our past transactions in your field of expertise.